Products inks
There comes a steam and bubble out of big stony sauce-pans in the ink-citchen of Abraxas. In the workshop diffuses a fragrance of roses. The inkmaker produces his famous red love ink that flows fine out of the pen and fragrants magnificent. Like in fary-tales of 500 and more years of age you think? But no; a daily reality in the manufacture of Abraxas.

Since the beginning of Abraxas the inks were one of the most beautyful and most important products in the assortement and they still are.

Because of this in the last twenty years there growed a matchless palette of more than 200 different writing- and calligraphy inks.

A nearly inexhaustible offer stands by for the writer and fancier of handwrited: finest oak gall inks, real safrane and carmine inks, pure vegetable inks, writing and drawing inks in all imaginable colour shades, perfumed inks, secret inks and last but not least noble gold and silver inks as well as many other beautyful shining metallic inks. Of course they are all produced in the traditional manner and of our own recipes stired up and mixed by hand.

Beside the big selection and variety Abraxas inks offer much more advantages.

They are for example exclusive made of natural raw materials and thus non toxic and environment-friendly. Produced on the base of pure water they are freely mixable. Because of their optimal composition they are also useable for drawings and air-brush.

Naturally we are also enspired of your own ideas. You wish to let produce your own personal ink by us? We’re sure our inkmaker has the fitting raw materials in his kitchen, ready for you.